As facilitator I will help you to reach your agreed upon objectives more effectively.

Your goals are the driving force in my facilitation workshop. I use the well known and established (30 years) Neuland-facilitation method (Neuland-Moderationsmethode).

  • Visualization to avoid redundancies, to record results, and to reach agreed upon objectives
  • I create an environment for all team members to have chance to participate and to allow them to identify with their outcome
  • A safe “space” to work with and test your new tools
  • Facilitation is approaches in an entertaining and flowing mode

To prepare the workshop I often conduct meetings and interviews with various people who are involved in preparation for the workshop and/or are actual participants.

The workshop will then be the tip of the iceberg since a great deal job has already been accomplished.


"Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate."

John F. Kennedy


Eight years of successful work as

  • Top-Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Leadership Trainer
  • Facilitator


When working on larger projects I can draw on the resources of the following partners to work in either English or the local language

Programs in English are available  worldwide.

Offered topics

I am available as a Facilitator for any challenge.

For example:

  • Team Development
  • Change Projects
  • Project Kick-Off
  • Team Integration
  • Strategy Meetings